Making Rolling Door Keys - Cheap Rolling Door Remote

Did your rolling door key fall into the water? Lost your key? Or you are looking to add 1 – 2 spare keys. But if you don’t know where to make a Prestigious, Professional, Affordable Key, please come to DTA Automatic Door Co., Ltd.
DTA Door is one of the companies with a long service life, we specialize in providing rolling door installation and repair services and making rolling door keys to every Vietnamese family.

Promotion for Making Rolling Door Keys

20% Off In June 2022


Price List for Rolling Door Keys

Shock 20% discount. Call now: 0961 488 884 – 0961 78 79 80 for direct support from staff. Special promotion: Buy 4 get 1 free in July 2022.

Make a rolling door remote 100k – 250k
Basic rolling door remote repair 20k – 90k
Replace rolling door box (Fixed code) 500k – 790k
Replace rolling door box (Jump code) 900k – 1tr350k

Product models of rolling door remote control

chia khoa cua cuon 01
chia khoa cua cuon 03
chia khoa cua cuon 08
chia khoa cua cuon 09
chia khoa cua cuon 10
chia khoa cua cuon 11
chia khoa cua cuon 12
chia khoa cua cuon 13
chia khoa cua cuon 20
chia khoa cua cuon 16
chia khoa cua cuon 17
chia khoa cua cuon 18
chia khoa cua cuon 19
chia khoa cua cuon 22
chia khoa cua cuon 24
chia khoa cua cuon 15

Outstanding advantages when making rolling door keys at DTA DOOR

  • There are all kinds of key blanks with the best quality imported in large quantities, original prices without intermediaries
  • The cheapest price for making rolling door keys today in Dong Nai should always attract the attention of the most customers today.
  • 3 months warranty, completely new replacement, no extra cost.
  • On-site support, coming right after 15 minutes. The key making time is also fast, only 15-20 minutes.
  • The most modern machine technology to copy our rolling door keys today,
  • Diversity of models, modern colors for customers to freely choose their favorite models
  • Tested, tested the features of the key until customers get the most satisfaction
  • Key copy service, make rolling door keys quickly, get it right when customers need it
  • There are retail invoices, red invoices for large companies.
  • Free battery replacement for keys within 3 months.
  • Committed to warranty for customers in accordance with the company’s policies