Summary of information you need to know about electric rolling doors

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Electric rolling door is a product with high flexibility, bringing convenience to users. By using electric motor as traction force to move up and down. Electric rolling door saves time, effort and is very safe during use.
We can easily see rolling doors anywhere: shops, private houses, kiosks, market stalls… But few people know the details of the structure and operating principle of this product. Let’s learn about automatic rolling doors with Bach Viet in this article right now.

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What is the concept of electric rolling door?

Electric rolling door is also known as automatic rolling door; It has the ability to automatically open and close with just one click. Via the button installed near the door or on the remote control device. Help us easily control the operation of the door as we want easily and simply.
Compared with conventional rolling door products using manual push-pull force. Then turning the circular motion of the motor into the vertical motion of the door. Is an innovative and breakthrough invention in the rolling door industry. Make life more and more convenient, modern and luxurious.

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Detail structure of electric rolling door

A set of motorized rolling doors must have all the following details:
Door body: Made from corrugated steel sheets 450mm – 750mm wide. They are joined together by a pressure roller press. Helps the door have a high aesthetic and at the same time, the wave stamping helps the door have better bearing capacity.
Roller:  Has a cylindrical shape, the roller is responsible for rolling the spokes and flanges when opening the door. And is installed at height with the size depending on the size of the rolling door.
Door rail: Made from profiled aluminum with high anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effect. Make sure the door is moving up and down.
Power spring system:  Installed inside the roller and made of high-elastic steel. Helps the door operate smoothly when going up and down, increasing the durability of the product.

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Electric motor:  It is an important part to help the electric roller door operate easily and smoothly.
Motor includes: Motor body + Receiver box + Remote control + In-wall control
+ Power box:  Power is stored here in case of sudden power failure.
+ Clutch latch:  Helps switch the door’s operating mechanism from control to mechanical when   loses power.
+ Horizontal lock: Use door lock in case of power failure

Learn how electric roller shutters work

As mentioned, automatic rolling doors turn the circular motion of the motor into the vertical movement of the door. So when the motor works, it means the rolling door works.
To operate safely and effectively, the rolling door motor has the following structure:
  • Engine part
  • Brake parts
  • Control unit
  • Transmission Parts
– The motor of the motor includes stator and rotor. The stator consists of coils wound on iron cores. Arranged on a circular rim to create a rotating magnetic field. The rotor is a cylindrical part that acts like a coil wound on a steel core.
– Brake unit is the most important part consisting of 2 opening and closing relays. They are responsible for executing commands received from the controller. 1 relay for downlink and 1 relay for uplink.

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The working principle is simulated as follows:

When receiving a signal from the control device, the signal box will transmit information to the control unit on the motor. Depending on the command issued, the relay is open or closed.
When the Motor is operating, it will drive the roller to the position that plays the role of opening and closing the door. Here this part transmits power to the flange and from there rotates the traction chain to help the roller operate.
When the door moves to the specified position, the relay will trip to prevent the motor from overrunning. To ensure safety does not cause motor fire.
Above is all the information you need to know about electric roller shutters. These knowledge will help you understand the structure and operating principle. They will be very helpful in your selection and use of roller shutters.

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